Cho Myung-woo won the men’s 3-cushion at the 11th Asian Carom Championships

Cho Myung-woo (Seoul City Hall, world ranking 11th)

Jo Myung-woo played Vietnam’s Tran Tan Luk (Vietnam, world ranking 151st) in the men’s 3-cushion at the 11th Asian Carom Championship held on the 24th, 50-20 in 16 innings, With an average of 3.125, he became the Asian champion스포츠토토.

It was a truly ‘perfect performance’. From the beginning of the final, Jo Myung-woo took the lead by widening the score to 14-4 in 5 innings, and continued to score after that, finishing the first half with a 31-15 lead in 10 innings. The average was 3.100, showing overwhelming performance.

Even in the second half, his performance did not change. When his attacking opportunity came, he began to widen the score gap by scoring 4 and 5 points in succession. When we entered the last 16 innings, the score was 45-20, where Jo Myung-woo scored 5 high runs and finished the game at 50-20.

Although there were several difficulties, Cho Myung-wu made a series of splendid shots with a stable stroke, drawing applause from the spectators who visited the stadium.

After the awards ceremony, Cho Myung-woo said, “It seems that good energy has continued since winning the national championship in November last year. I never imagined winning this tournament, but I am so happy to win.” He continued, “I will work harder to show better performance in the future.”

Jo Myung-woo won the championship by recording all 7 victories without recording a single defeat in this tournament. He showed remarkable performance, recording an average average of 2.222 in 7 matches.

Through winning this competition, Cho Myung-woo relieved his regret of being runner-up in the 10th Asian Carom Championships in 2019, and at the same time vomited the spirit of holding the championship cup in Korea 5 years after winning the 9th Asian Carom Championships in 2018.

In addition, Cho Myung-woo started with the Donghae Cup 2022 National Billiards Championship in November of last year, the World 3-Cushion World Cup in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in December, the 11th National Billiards Championship 2023, and the 11th Asian Carom Championships. He has won various domestic and international competitions and is having the best time ever.

Starting from the 25th, Jo Myung-woo will compete in the men’s 1-cushion section of the 11th Asian Carom Championships and aim for two gold medals in this competition.

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