Chinese media apply ‘guilty presumption principle’ to Son Jun-ho… absurd claim “apologise and prove”

There is no ‘principle of presumption of innocence’. The Chinese media insists that Son Jun-ho (Shandong) apologize by applying the ‘guilty presumption principle’. 

The BBC reported on the 16th, “China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a regular briefing that day, ‘Recently, a Korean national was detained by the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department on charges of accepting bribes of non-state actors.'” 

Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said, “China is a country ruled by law. We handle related cases in accordance with the law and guarantee the various legitimate rights and interests of the parties.” 

“The Liaoning Provincial Public Security Agency notified the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Shenyang. We plan to provide conveniences necessary for consular officers on the Korean side to perform their consular duties.”

‘Breaking of non-state actors’ applies to cases where a person belonging to a company or other unit, not a government agency, illegally accepts property. 

However, an official from Son Jun-ho’s side told OSEN, “We are under investigation for bribery.” Then, he said that he heard directly from Son Jun-ho, saying, “It seems that the Korean consul and Son Jun-ho will meet sooner or later스포츠토토.

” However, Son Jun-ho is in a completely different situation, and the Korea Football Association has sent an official letter to the Chinese Football Association and the Asian Football Federation (AFC) in relation to the Son Jun-ho case to find out about the situation. 

Son Jun-ho became the best player in China. Son Jun-ho, who moved to Shandong in 2021, led Shandong’s double that year, including winning the Chinese Super League and winning the Chinese Football Association (CFA) Cup.  

The Chinese media are giving out the wrong opinions about the best player in the Chinese Super League. said on the 16th, “Son Jun-ho, who used to be world-class, has completely changed this year. What happened to him?” and “Finally found the reason for his poor physical condition. Jin Jing-dao had problems earlier, and he is best friends with Son Jun-ho.” They are friends. It is normal for them to be connected together,” raising groundless suspicions.

Jin Jingdao is an ethnic Korean soccer player. He is a former member of the Chinese national team. He is known to have caused trouble in Shandong recently. Because he is close to a player from the same team, the Chinese media is pointing out that the problem is big. said, “Son Jun-ho categorically denies the allegation. However, it has already caused irreversible damage to his image and career. This incident has had a huge negative impact on the Chinese football world, reducing public trust and love for football.” He made an outrageous criticism.

Even the media insisted that Son Jun-ho prove innocent, rather than asking the police to prove guilt. It was the ‘principle of presumption of guilt’, not the ‘principle of presumption of innocence’. said, “Then, what should Son Jun-ho do?” “He has to prove his innocence to the public. He just needs to submit relevant evidence and materials. He also has to correct his inappropriate behavior within the game. Director and coaching staff He can apologize and take responsibility accordingly, or he can do self-criticism and introspection. Finally, he has to reexamine his place and value in the world of football.”

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