Chey Tae-won’s second daughter takes a leave of absence from SK Hynix and becomes an ‘English volunteer teacher’

Choi Min-jung , the second daughter of SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won, is known to be volunteering for an American non-governmental organization ( NGO안전놀이터 ) after taking a leave of absence from SK Hynix.

According to the industry on the 16th, Mr. Choi recently lived in San Francisco, USA and is providing free educational services to underprivileged teenagers at a non-profit organization called ‘SMART’ . Established in 2018, ‘Smart’ is running a program that connects middle and high school students from the underprivileged with volunteers. It is said that Mr. Choi has been teaching English once a week for six months and doing educational volunteer work.

On the other hand, Mr. Choi is also serving as an advisor on business strategy at ‘ Done ‘, a telemedicine startup. Dawn, located in San Francisco, is a startup that remotely diagnoses attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD ) and provides customized treatment and counseling services.

Mr. Choi came to know this place through an acquaintance in 2020, and since the beginning of the company’s establishment, he has been engaged in unpaid advisory activities in the form of talent donation.

Meanwhile, after graduating from Beijing University’s Department of Business Administration, Choi volunteered to enlist in the Navy in 2014 and served in the Cheonghae Unit and the West Sea 2nd Fleet. After serving as a lieutenant in the Navy, he joined a Chinese investment company in 2018. In this company, he said that he worked on global mergers and acquisitions ( M&A ).

Later, in 2019, Choi joined SK Hynix in Washington, DC , as an assistant manager- level employee of INTRA , an organization affiliated with SK Hynix’s External Relations Division. Last year, he moved to SK Hynix’s U.S. corporate strategy department in California, where he was in charge of M&A and investment-related work.

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