Cheongju siblings rose to the top of billiards side by side

Following Piabi, who moved to Cheongju from Cambodia and became the empress of billiards

, Min-goo Kang from Cheongju has risen to the top of billiards once again.

These two are the same team, and now they’re looking for a trophy once again in the Team League.

Taehyung Lee.

<Report> Kang Min-goo roared as he scored 15 points in 6 sets

in the final of the Welbeng PBA Championship held on the last day of the holiday season


Kang Min-goo, who had reached the finals four times before, had to swallow tears as he stayed in runner-up in all of them.

<Interview> Kang Min -goo

“It happened yesterday, the day before yesterday, but I still can’t quite realize it, as if it happened just a few minutes ago, and it feels so good.”

Kang Min-gu, who finished elementary, middle, and high school in Cheongju, entered billiards later than other players in high school.

Although he had to do manual labor in a suddenly difficult family environment, he worked

directly in the billiard room to continue his dream of becoming a billiards player. He devoted himself to practice, and

achieved the miraculous achievement of becoming a professional champion at the age of 41.

<Interview> Kang Min -goo

“I think I played billiards (in my 20s). And, because I still have to play billiards..”

Following Piabi, who won the opening tournament this season, two winners came from Cheongju alone.

Coincidentally, these two are on the same team, and have the best winning percentage in a mixed doubles pair.

Piavi, who heard the news of winning in Cambodia, plans to return home this week and reorganize his breathing with Kang Min-gu in line with the playoffs to be held next month.

<Telephone Interview>

Slong Piabi “My brother teaches me well…and he’s kind. I think I can play comfortably because I just trust (Mingoo) oppa.” 메이저사이트

Piabi, who came to Korea and became a billiards queen, Kang Min-goo, who overcame adversity to win her first championship in her 40s,

and produced two winners in one season, raising the pride of local billiards club members

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