Chelsea’s new manager, announced this week!

Chelsea’s new head coach will be decided this week.

According to sports outlet ‘The Athletic카지노사이트‘, Chelsea will unveil a new manager this week. “Mauricio Pochettino is being talked about as the number one pick to take over from Graham Porter at Chelsea.

Chelsea fell into the worst slump this season. He bowed his head due to the mid-table in the league and early elimination of the Champions League.

The spark of Chelsea’s performance slump was sparked by Graham Porter. Proving his leadership through Brighton Albion, much attention was drawn to him, but it fell short of expectations.

Chelsea gave a lot of support, but pulled out a hard knife at Porter, who couldn’t bring out the effect.

After giving Lampard the role of interim manager until the end of this season, Chelsea are heating up the search for a successor.

Chelsea’s target for the next head coach is Pochettino, who is known as Son Heung-min’s teacher. He finished adapting to the English Premier League (EPL) through Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur.

In particular, it is known that he was fascinated by the part that showed a good opinion on maximizing the ability of young players and potential resources.

It is known that the atmosphere of welcome is perceived as Chelsea players are known to be excited about the possibility of Pochettino’s appointment.

The atmosphere of Pochettino’s appointment as Chelsea’s new manager is being strongly sensed.

It is said that Pochettino was spotted in London, and it seems that the appointment as Chelsea manager is not far away.

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