‘Chat GPT for iPhone’ app coming out… Open AI, bard and llama containment?

 An AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ dedicated app that can be used in mobile environments such as iPhone and iPad was born카지노사이트. Since you can talk to Chat GPT on your smartphone, you can easily ask questions by voice, just like you would to an AI assistant. Open AI , which developed

Chat GPT , announced on the 18th (local time) that it would release an official Chat GPT app for iOS . The Chat GPT app, which can be used on iPhone and iPad, allows Chat GPT to write poetry or learn new information, from immediate Q&A, customized advice, and expert opinion checks, just like in the existing web environment. Also, to use the Chat GPT app, you need an OpenAI account just like the web . If you use chat GPT with the same account on the app and web, all saved conversation records are linked. Chat GPT on Smartphone App

is implanted, it is also possible to input questions directly by voice without any additional equipment such as a microphone. This is because Chat GPT can understand voice questions through the ‘Whisper Voice Recognition System’ . However, Chat GPT does not respond by voice like iPhone Siri or Samsung Electronics’ Bixby, and the answer itself is provided only in text form.

As the Chat GPT service was provided for free, Chat GPT for iPhone can also be downloaded for free through the App Store. Chat GPT Plus, which is more advanced with ‘ GPT-4 ‘, an advanced version of Chat GPT , is also available as a paid app for $19.99 per month, just like the web. Currently, the Chat GPT app

for iPhone has only been officially released in the United States. OpenAI plans to roll out its Chat GPT app to other countries in the coming weeks . Following iOS , it is known that a chat GPT app for Android is also being prepared. In this way, open AI is chat GPT

Transplanting to the mobile environment seems to be to gain an edge in the ‘generative AI’ competition they have triggered.

Recently, global big techs such as Google’s ‘Bard’, Microsoft’s ‘Bing’, and Meta’s ‘Rama’ are accelerating the development of generative AI . At the recent annual developer conference ( I/O ) , Google announced that it would simultaneously launch its AI chatbot, Bard, in 180 countries around the world, and provide services in Korean and Japanese following English. Meta also opened Lamar to the world as an open source earlier this year, expanding its influence on startups and universities in each country.

Open AI has sparked a craze for chatbots based on generative AI through chat GPT , but the situation is fiercely pursued by all giant big techs jumping into competition. Accordingly, it is interpreted as a strategy to protect its position in the market by increasing convenience and accessibility by launching chat GPT apps that can be used on mobile . Mira Murati , CTO of OpenAI , tweeted: “ Chat GPT for iOS .

“The app is officially released,” he said. “It’s only in the US for now, but it will be released worldwide soon, and the Android app will come next.”

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