Cha Jun-hwan breaks through 100 points in the short… overwhelming first place

Cha Jun-hwan, a leading Korean male figure skater, showed a perfect performance in the national team selection event. He moved past 100 points in the short program once again, placing in a dominant first place.

This is Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


Cha Jun-hwan, who appeared while receiving enthusiastic cheers, flew up in a splendid way to match the Michael Jackson dance song medley. 스포츠토토

Starting with his first jump quadruple salchow, he earned extra points on all three jump assignments, enchanting fans with his rhythmic moonwalk.

And Cha Jun-hwan, who perfectly digested the last jump triple axel, which was pointed out as a weakness, finished the clean performance by receiving the highest level with light steps and intense spins.

Cha Jun-hwan recorded 101.04 points, exceeding 100 points in the short program in two consecutive competitions following the chairman’s boat last month.

He rose to an overwhelming first place, more than 19 points ahead of second place Lee Si-hyung, and continued his good condition ahead of the Four Continents Championships next month.

In the women’s single short program, ‘Figure Skating General’ Kim Ye-rim took the lead.

He scored 71.59 points for his clean performance by perfectly performing 3 jumps. 스포츠토토

14-year-old Shin Jia, who won the silver medal at the Junior Grand Prix Final last month, was slightly shaken in her third consecutive jump and climbed to second place, 0.64 points behind. 1) It predicted a fierce competition to win the free skating.