Call-up to Bucheon FC 1995, central defender Nam Hyun-wook from the club’s youth

Bucheon FC 1995 has called up Nam Hyun-wook, a former captain of the U-18 team, to the professional stage.

Nam Hyun-wook, who joined the Bucheon FC 1995 U-18 team in the 2020 season, took over as captain and helped build a solid power with defensive power combined with excellent positioning based on leadership.

Nam Hyun-wook has excellent physical condition of 189cm and 79kg and excellent passing skills, so he has an advantage when building a defense. During his youth, Nam Hyun-wook won the 2018 Keum Seok-bae National Middle School Football Tournament and the 2022 National Sports Festival Regional Preliminary Award, and was evaluated as a talent with potential for his growth.

Nam Hyun-wook said, “I am happy and honored to be on the professional stage that I have dreamed of since I was a child. My goal is to do my best during the training period and grow into a strong defender in Bucheon with my professional debut in 2023.” 메이저사이트

Manager Lee Young-min said, “Nam Hyun-wook has been watching since the youth team, and his strength is his sincerity and leadership defense. Now, I expect that he will show his skills and potential to the fullest on his professional stage and become a proud talent to shine in Bucheon,” he revealed the reason for the call-up.

On the other hand, Bucheon, under the club’s operating philosophy of ‘nurturing promising young players’, a total of 8 players, including K-League Junior U-18 scorer Choo Min-yeol and Kim Gyu-min, who went through all the club’s youth teams for 8 years from 2015 to 2022. was called up as a pro.

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