“Brother Yeong-soo and soju”… the context of the ‘selection celebration drinking party’

On the day a consortium led by Kim Man-bae was selected as the operator of Daedong in 2015, former special prosecutor Park Young-soo had a drinking party to celebrate스포츠토토. Prosecutors see this as evidence that Park, who is under suspicion of the 5 billion club, had close ties to the Daedong family.

This is an exclusive report from reporter Han So-hee.


It was on March 27, 2015, that Kim Man-bae’s Hwacheon Daewoo-led ‘Seongnam’s Garden Consortium’ was selected as the preferred bidder for the Daejang-dong project.

On that day, the prosecution found that former special prosecutor Park Young-soo had a ‘selection celebration drinking party’ with private contractors.

The prosecution obtained text messages between lawyer Cho Hyun-seong, who worked at the same law firm as Park at the time and later became Cheonhwa-dong Person No. 6, and Mr. Na Mo, a construction contractor who was selected to work on the Daejeon-dong civil engineering project.

The day after the selection, Cho sent a text message saying, “I’m glad. Congratulations,” to which Mr. Na replied, “Yesterday, I had a drink of soju with Mr. Lee and Mr. Lee Mo.

Mr. Lee is an in-law of former special prosecutor Park and was the agent for the sale of Daejeon-dong.

Attorney Cho responds, “That’s great, Chairman, Nam Wook, and Prosecutor Ko,” and says, “Now you just have to keep winning.”

Four days before the selection, Park is accused of helping Woori Bank issue a letter of intent for a loan of 150 billion won to the Seongnam Garden Consortium and being promised 5 billion won.

“March 27, 2015, was the day Park resigned as chairman of Woori Bank’s board of directors, so there’s no way he could have met with Na and Lee,” Park said.

Mr. Na said, “I don’t remember,” and Mr. Lee could not be reached.

The prosecution, which investigated Cho today (Aug. 8), plans to call his closest aide, Yang Jae-sik, for questioning tomorrow before summoning former special prosecutor Park Young-soo.

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