Bogatz has left, but ‘Signboard’ will go out again… “BOS, you can trade Debus” Why?

Following Xander Bogarts (San Diego Padres), will Rafael Devers even take off his Boston Red Sox uniform?

American ‘’ reported on the 16th (Korean time) that the Boston Red Sox may trade Rafael Devers.

Devers made his big league debut in Boston in 2017 and stood out with 10 homers batting average of 0.284 OPS 0.819 in 58 games. The following year, Devers recorded 21 homers batting average of 0.240 OPS 0.731 in 121 games and jumped to the starting lineup, and had a ‘career high’ season with 32 homers, 115 RBIs, 129 runs batting average of 0.311 OPS 0.916 in 156 games in the 2019 season.

During his six seasons playing in Boston, Devers was selected as an All-Star twice (2021, 2022), won the Silver Slugger (2021) once, and lifted the World Series (2018) championship trophy with 762 hits, 139 homers, and a batting average of 0.283 OPS in 689 games. It has a score of 0.854. What is the reason for the trade story of Boston’s ‘franchise star’ Devers?

After the 2023 season, Devers obtains FA (free agent) qualifications. Boston is hoping to sign franchise extension Devers before heading to the free agency market. However, the amount Debus was hoping for was larger than expected. Because of this, rumors about the trade are circulating. 메이저사이트

‘’ quoted a source saying, “Boston, which has let go of Zander Bogarts, is feeling pressure to sign a long-term contract with Devers.” “Looks like they’re far from negotiating a multi-year contract extension with Boston,” he said. “Boston may trade Devers before he can qualify as a free agent.”

If Devers leaves the team through free agency, Boston has nothing left. The only way to get draft picks is through a Qualifying Offer (QO) proposal. If you can’t lead Devers to stay, it might be wise to get a commensurate price and go ahead with the trade.

Attention is focusing on whether Boston, which sent Bogatz, who played an active role as a ‘signboard hitter’ this winter, will break up with Devers or find a dramatic agreement.