Body contact after singing “I’ll cook ramen”… Teacher molested elementary school student

An elementary school employee in his 60s was arrested by the police for molesting students. The students said they made physical contact after calling, “I’ll make you ramen.”

This is reporter Choi Seung-hoon.


Elementary schools are closed and they wave their hands at reporters’ questions.

[Elementary school security guard: They all went off work. What time is it now… ]

On the 11th of last month, a report was received by the police that the manager who was tending the school flower bed was harassing the students.

During break time, he called the children to the office saying, “I will give you a snack.”

It was reported that he took a selfie and made inappropriate physical contact, saying, “Sit on your lap.”

This has been going on for about a month since mid-April last year스포츠토토.

The victim notified the homeroom teacher last month, and the school immediately reported it.

A total of eight victims have been identified by the police so far.

[Elementary school security guard: {The facility manager quit last month… } I quit anyway. I don’t know what the reason is.]

The Office of Education said, “There was no history of sex crimes at the time of recruitment.”

Police charged the man with assaulting a minor.

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