‘Beasts rushed to their fallen colleagues’ Moon Bo-kyung emerges unscathed, ‘strong camaraderie’ thanks to quick action

‘A moment of camaraderie in a fierce game where you have to catch each other to win’

When the runner who had flung himself toward second base was unable to get up in pain, the nearby shortstop rushed over and called for medical attention, then removed the protective gear that was compressing his body. The second baseman who joined him also brushed the dirt off his uniform, concerned for his fallen teammate.

NC shortstop Kim Han-byul went straight to LG’s Moon Bo-kyung, who was unable to get up after collapsing while running after a hit. Second baseman Park Min-woo, who genuinely worried about Moon until she got up. It was a moment when the strong camaraderie on the field shone through.

On the 22nd, Changwon NC Park hosted the final game of the midweek three-game series between the NC Dinos and LG Twins, who had battled to 10 extra innings the day before. It was a must-win game for the Winning Series. NC and LG players gritted their teeth and played.먹튀검증

In the first inning, NC scored three runs off LG starter Lee Min-ho. In the second inning, LG fought back. After the first inning, Oh Ji-hwan walked and Moon Bo-kyung, the sixth batter in the lineup, hit a long ball over the right fielder Park Gun-woo. Moon gritted his teeth and took off for another base. As he reached second base with his accelerated speed, his right ankle collided with the base, causing him immense pain.

His ankle snapped and he fell to the ground, his hand still touching the base. Shortstop Kim Han-byul, who approached her teammate, checked her condition and called for the medical staff.
The slow-motion video showed that Moon’s right ankle had snapped when she collided with the base. As he fell to the ground in pain, one of his hands remained on the second base.

Shortstop Kim Han-byul, who was the first to reach him on the ground, called for the medical staff and removed the leg guards and elbow pads that were compressing his body. While the medical staff and trainers were checking Moon’s condition, second baseman Park Min-woo, who was also on the opposing team, hoped that the junior was not seriously injured.

Luckily, Moon stood up under his own power. Park Min-woo brushed the dirt off her uniform and asked if she was okay, and she gestured that she was too.

Thanks to the quick response of junior Kim Han-byul and the warmth of senior Park Min-woo, Moon was able to finish the game in the 12th inning without any major injuries.

For the second consecutive day, LG won the extra-inning series against Changwon. For the weekend’s three-game series, the team will return home to face Lotte.

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