Ansan, 2023 season captain Kim Young-nam and vice-captain Lee Geun-ho appointed

Ansan Greeners FC (owner Lee Min-geun, hereinafter referred to as Ansan) appointed Kim Young-nam and Lee Geun-ho as captain and vice-captain to lead the team for the 2023 season, respectively.

Kim Young-nam, who was appointed captain this season, is an 11-year professional veteran who debuted at Seongnam FC in 2013 and joined Ansan Greeners last season after working for Bucheon FC and Asan Mugunghwa. He is a central midfielder who not only protects the team’s offense and defense line with accurate build-up and skillful game management based on vigorous activity based on vigorous activity by digesting 154 games in the K-League, but also has active communication and soft charisma.

Based on stable performance, it encourages the team both inside and outside the stadium, and shows strong leadership and stable appearance of the senior line, which sets an example for colleagues and juniors, motivating young players a lot.

Lee Geun-ho, who served as vice-captain, debuted in Pohang in 2018 and moved to Ansan Greeners in the 2023 season through Jeonbuk, Jeju, and Gimcheon. Based on his lively personality and positive energy, Lee Geun-ho serves as a vital force contributing to raising the atmosphere within the team, and is evaluated as playing a major role in uniting the team among veterans and young players. 바카라사이트

Kim Young-nam, who was in charge of leading the team, said, “I will lead the team well by taking the responsibility as a senior and leading the team by example so that the team can become the original team.” He expressed his determination.

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