‘Another injury suspicion’ deGrom resumes pitching training “feels good”

Jacob deGrom (35, Texas Rangers), who suffered from sudden side pain, resumed pitching training. It will be interesting to see if deGrom will be able to pitch in the deferred bullpen soon.

The Dallas Morning News, a local Texas media, reported on the same day that de Grom resumed his pitching training through a catch ball on the 20th (hereinafter Korean time).

DeGrom plans to continue pitching training on the 21st.토토사이트 However, specific schedules such as pitching in the bullpen and appearing in exhibition games have not been announced.

Previously, deGrom was scheduled to pitch in the bullpen on the 16th. However, he delayed this due to sudden left flank pain. As a result, concerns about injuries grew.

In response, deGrom dismissed allegations of injuries surrounding him, saying, “It feels good.” He also emphasized that this side pain was on the left side, not the right side.

Texas general manager Chris Young also said deGrom’s bullpen pitching delay was just a precautionary measure. that it is not an injury.

But it is true that there are great concerns. This is because of deGrom’s injury history. Since 2018, deGrom has been constantly plagued by injuries large and small.

The view that the New York Mets did not catch deGrom. Despite injury concerns, Texas signed deGrom to a five-year, $185 million contract.

Texas will kick off the 2023 season with a home game against the Philadelphia Phillies on March 31. Attention is focusing on whether deGrom will be able to stand on the Texas mound on March 31st.

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