Another card of the abundant KT mound, Kim Min “more sophisticated than restrained”

KT Wiz has been selected as the team with the best pitching power among the 10 clubs. Even in this season, when foreign pitchers did not perform as well as expected, domestic pitchers advanced to the postseason (PS).

Another hit product could emerge from such KT. Kim Min (23) is a right-handed pitcher who returned from military service this year and showed potential in the first team. He pitched in six games of the pennant race this year, recording 2 holds and an earned run average (ERA) of 2.35. Using this as a springboard, he was also included in the PS entry, and in the 3rd game of the Kiwoom Heroes and Jun playoffs (Jun PO), he played a good fight with 2 scoreless innings. He joined the team’s finishing training last month and prepared for next year early.

Kim Min said, “It was a very satisfying season. The image he drew while in the army has been achieved by returning to the team. He also recorded holds and got on the mound in important games. He returned to the year saying, “He was also used in the PS game.

His military service was of great help to him. Thanks to his regular life and constant exercise, his speed increased and his control was further developed. Kim Min said, “When I was sergeant, I reached the maximum speed of 156km for the first time. After being discharged from the military, he took another 156 km in the first team game. It won’t be easy, but I think I’ll have to live a regular life like I did in the military,” he laughed.

He has to play an important role on the KT mound next season, but the goal was surprisingly simple. Kim Min said, “There are no numerical goals such as hold or victory. Everyone is trying to win anyway. My goal is to become a player who can play an important role in helping the team win. Positions such as the bullpen and starters are irrelevant. I think I just need to do well in the given role in the scene the team wants.”

The KT coaching staff plans to decide Kim Min’s position through the spring camp next year. He is also leaving open the possibility of switching selections. 메이저사이트

“I focused on lower body training at the finish camp,” he said. “The coach half jokingly and half seriously said that he would give me a speed of 160km. He seems to have spent the finishing camp well while training as the coach said.”
He continued, “In fact, restraint is one of the things I didn’t pay much attention to during my career as a player. Rather, he focused on making sure I could throw the balls I had. I will try to be more sophisticated.”

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