An ant with only scars… the result of unrequited love for batteries

Today (18th), let’s check the stock market situation. We are with reporter Jung Ho-jin of the stock market prism.

Reporter Jung, following yesterday (17th), the domestic stock market ended up rising today.

Yes. The KOSPI closed the market for 4 consecutive trading days and the KOSDAQ turned on the red light for the 3rd trading day.

In particular, the KOSPI index succeeded in recovering the 2,500 line in 7 trading days. Foreigners were the first contributors to the recapture of the 2,500 line. In the stock market, foreigners net bought more than 500 billion won.

On the other hand, in the KOSDAQ, an individual alone net bought over 170 billion won, leading the index to rise.

It’s been a while since the rally continues. Last night’s favorable performance in the New York stock market has a big impact, right?

Yes. Last night, the New York stock market closed all three indexes higher. The impact of optimism on US debt ceiling negotiations is analyzed.

On the 17th local time, President Biden said, “I am confident that the United States will not be in default (default) and can reach an agreement on the budget,” and it is an analysis that the expectation of relieving uncertainty worked.

As a result, not only the stock market but also the price of WTI crude oil rose, domestic WTI oil ETF products also ended up rising by 7%, and Bitcoin also showed an upward trend.

There was also news of other negotiations. This is the news of the Black Sea Grain Agreement. One day before the expiry, news came that a dramatic agreement had been reached.

“It has been decided to extend the agreement for another two months,” President Erdogan Türkiye said in a televised address.

Grain futures prices were also lowered on the news that the agreement was reached, and domestic feed stocks, which had risen on expectations of benefits, ended lower all at once.

As overseas news has a great impact on the domestic stock market, you should take good care of the news.

Reporter Jeong, Even in the market today, the trading patterns of individual investors and foreigners were different. Did you compare the investment performance?

First, we have prepared the top stocks for net purchases by individual investors over the past three months.

In both markets, we brought the two stocks that individuals most admired, and in March, they were POSCO Holdings, SK Hynix and Ecopro Group stocks. Excluding SK Hynix, it is a secondary battery related company.

If you look at the following April, SK Hynix was removed and POSCO Future M entered, followed by net purchases of secondary battery stocks.

And looking at the scale of net purchases in May until today, it is also full of secondary battery stocks, excluding Doosan Energity.

Looking at the rate of return, in March, when the rechargeable battery boom occurred, we received good grades, but from April, the momentum waned, and in May, all negative rates of return.

Ecopro Group’s share price declined due to a series of bad news, including the recent failure to be incorporated into MSCI and the arrest of former chairman Lee Dong-chae.

Ecopro, the ‘great leader’, has been defeated, and concerns over overheating of secondary batteries have revived. Even in the stock market, voices are continuing that it is time to consider ‘decision to break up’ with secondary batteries.

During the same period, which category did foreigners record the most? Probably Samsung Electronics is the most, right?


Yes. Samsung Electronics was consistently listed in foreign investors’ portfolios, but aside from this, there were continuous changes in the stock market to secondary batteries, auto parts, and IT .

In March, I bought Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI in the stock market , and SM and JYP in the KOSDAQ.

In April, instead of Samsung SDI , Hyundai Rotem was the second largest net purchase. And instead of SM, Celltrion Healthcare, a bio sector, was listed.

And in May, following Samsung Electronics, we include SK Hynix, taking a high percentage of semiconductors. Also, in the KOSDAQ market, he bought Enter stock.

To sum up, unlike individual investors who were single-minded secondary battery players, there was a change of hands by sector, and in the KOSDAQ market, we could see a steady stock of enter stocks.

Shinhan Investment & Securities said, “Profit taking appears in a ‘hard’ industry where performance has been solid, and the buying trend is shifting to ‘soft’ industries such as entertainment and healthcare.”

As you saw in today’s chapter, as foreign buying is improving, you should carefully look at the stocks that foreigners are buying.

Reporter Jung, the rate of increase in stock prices of entertainment stocks is unusual. How do you see it in the stock market?

Amid the daily upward rally, the stock market is raising its target price.

In the case of YG, which has many foreign net buyers토스카지노, it has already exceeded its target price. JYP is also already approaching the target price set by the stock market.

The background of such a rosy outlook is that the market is expected to steadily expand in the future, supported by solid performance due to the increase in global fandom.

To show the power of the global fandom, the number of Instagram followers of Blackpink member ‘Jennie’ is greater than that of former US President Trump, David Beckham, and Bruno Mars.

As the number of overseas performances by domestic artists, including Twice and Blackpink, is expected to increase, the entertainment company ‘Earning Surprise’ in the first quarter

I heard you well. It was reporter Jung Ho-jin of the stock market prism.

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