‘Amnesty wave → executive reorganization’ Chairman Chung Mong-kyu, “After thinking about resigning, the decision to end the term…communication” (professional)

Chung Mong-gyu, president of the Korea Football Association (Football Association), held a press conference to reveal the list of executives.

The Football Association formed a new executive team at the Seoul Soccer Center at 10:00 am on the 2nd.

Last month, the Korea Football Association issued a surprise pardon for 100 soccer players who were being disciplined for various acts. Along with the unilateral announcement, 48 players who were expelled from the 2011 professional soccer match-fixing were included among the targets, which angered soccer fans and requested the withdrawal of the pardon.

Eventually, the Football Association officially withdrew the pardon on the 31st. Still, the noise continued. Lee Young-pyo and Lee Dong-guk, vice presidents of the Football Association, stepped down as responsibility for failing to prevent the amnesty withdrawal. As the association’s vice-presidents and all executives resigned en masse, a situation arose that a new organization had to be formed.

The biggest change is the removal of the executive director position in charge of the existing football association administration. The position was replaced by the full-time vice chairman and former Vice Minister of Culture and Sports Kim Jeong-bae (57). Among the existing 25 players, seven have been retained, including former national team player Choi Young-il, Gyeonggi-do Football Association head Lee Seok-jae, former national team coach Jeong Hae-seong, national team power enhancement chairman Michael Müller, former Suwon Samsung head coach Lee Im-saeng, Barsésang Hospital head Seo Dong-won, and professional soccer federation secretary general Jo Yeon-sang. .

Chairman Chung said, “The Football Association has had a difficult time over the past month or so. Whatever the purpose, the amnesty was not the right decision. Although it was immediately withdrawn, it is shameful to soccer fans and the public. I haven’t heard many comments. We apologize for hurting many people with the wrong judgment of the board of directors. There is a lot of criticism towards the Football Association. While humbly accepting this, we intend to transform ourselves with the formation of a new executive branch. I hope you will watch over me.”

<Chairman Chung Mong-gyu’s question and answer >

– Did you decide after thinking about the remaining term of office for 1 year and 8 months?
I hadn’t even thought of that yet. I thought it was important to finish my current term well.

– Why did the full-time vice chairman system change?
Vice-chairmen from Gyeonggi Province are included, so we are trying to facilitate communication with administrative experts.

– Plan to strengthen publicity function?
We are trying to gradually strengthen it by including various soccer players.

– Is there a system in place to contain the voice of the board of directors?
Various footballers were included in the executive team. During the last pardon, the process of discussion was relatively small as the fair committee thoroughly conducted security. I wish there were more procedures. Since the board of directors will be actively operated, it is expected that problems like the previous ones will not occur.

– Former athletes such as Lee Geun-ho and Ji So-yeon were also included?
Both players are members of the Professional Players Council. Since it reflects the voices of the players, I thought, of course, that we should listen to their stories as well. I am grateful to both players for readily accepting.

– Why did you choose a former prosecutor as the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission?
It is an organization responsible for rewarding and punishing. I decided to invite you because you know the Korean judicial system best.

– There is an opinion that the opinion of the board of directors was not reflected even during the pardon?
There are several types of boards. Only a few knew about this pardon. At the time, it was difficult to disclose the list in advance, so no discussion took place. It will now go through the process of the Subcommittee on Deliberation Agenda. The problem is how to create the atmosphere, but I think it will be resolved if we communicate in advance.

– How will you accept the opinion of the board?
The discussion culture in Korea is quite difficult. Even during meetings, it is often the case that a person has to be nominated before talking. It is meaningful for people with diverse opinions to participate in the discussion. This will increase the depth of the discussion.스포츠토토 I want to hear their thoughts, so I will try to reflect them a lot.

– Seven retainers?
7 out of 25 is 1 in 4. I think 3 out of 4 people have changed a lot. Those who have been retained are not directly related to the amnesty. You don’t have to change all 25 people to change, and there are parts that require continuity.

– What do you feel you need to improve the most?
The most important topic is communication. I felt that I had to communicate according to the process.

* List of directors of the Korea Football Association (25 people)

– Vice Chairman (7 people)
Kim Jung-bae (57, Sang-geun, former Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism), Han Jun-hee (53, soccer commentator), Jang O-ryong (63, former coach of Incheon United), Ha Seok-joo (55, Ajou University coach), Choi Young-il (57, former national team), Lee Seok-jae (65, Gyeonggi-do Football Association president), Won Young-shin (67, former president of the Women’s Sports

) Michael Müller (58, National Team Strengthening Committee, former German youth national team coach), Lee Im-saeng (52, Technology Development Committee, former Suwon Samsung coach), Lee Yun-nam (48, Ethics Committee, lawyer), Sojin (56, Fair Trade Commission, lawyer) ), Seo Dong-won (60, medical chairperson, Barunsesang hospital director), Kim Tae-young (53, social contribution chairperson, former national team coach)

– Directors (11)
Jo Yeon-sang (56, Pro Federation secretary general) ) , Jaesoon Park (63, CEO of Cuchen, former CEO of Suwon Samsung) , Deokje Cho (58, coach of FC Mokpo) , Yeonho Shin (59, coach of Korea University) , Geunho Lee (38, president of the Professional Players Council, player of Daegu FC) , Soyeon Ji ( 32, Chairman of Professional Athletes Council, Suwon FC player) , Won Seok (58, former editor-in-chief of Sports Seoul) , Noh Su-jin (61, Seoul Yeongdeungpo Technical High School Physical Education teacher) , Jeon Jeon-rim (31, Seoul Deokseong Girls’ High School physical education teacher) , Park In-soo (66 , former general affairs

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