After Lee Jung-hoo, two more talented people from the past… Transformation of the outfield

Lee Jung-hoo (25‧ Kiwoom) is the best hitter in the KBO League and is now a player that is of great interest in the major leagues. 카지노사이트 He is not just a top player, but it is amazing to see him improve every year and break his own limits.

Lee Jeong-hoo revised his batting form this year with the determination to make a better in-play batting ball. It is not an easy choice and adventure for a top hitter to change his batting form, but Lee Jung-hoo boldly followed his will. Director Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom is not worried at all. Coach Hong said, “He is a player who prepares thoroughly well. I know that his batting form was changed because he planned something,” he emphasized, “I am not worried.”

With Lee Jung-hoo, of course, going into one of the outfield positions, coach Hong unintentionally nominated a player for one of the remaining two positions. Lee Hyung-jong (34), who signed a 4-year contract with Kiwoom after gaining FA status in the Futures League (second team) ahead of this season, is the main character. Coach Hong thinks that adaptation to the new team is going smoothly. Coach Hong revealed his idea, saying, “Now, only two people in the outfield, Lee Jung-hu and Lee Hyeong-jong, have been confirmed to some extent.”

One spot left is competition. There are players who played until last year, such as Lee Yong-gyu, and Lim Byeong-wook (28), who was discharged last year, is one of the candidates. Lim Byung-wook is an outfielder of outstanding talent who is still expected by the team and fans. In fact, he hoped that he would help in the postseason after being discharged last year, but he postponed his return to this year due to an injury.

Manager Hong announced that “many players are now competing for the other spot in the (outfield)” and said, “Among those candidates, Lim Byung-wook is obviously included. I think he is a very good player from a technical point of view, so I expect him to be very active in the competition.” As much as Hong knows Lim Byeong-wook well, he did not hide his expectations.

Lee Hyung-jong and Lim Byung-wook are all players who entered the professional stage with splendor after being evaluated as outstanding talents in high school. Hyungjong Lee was nominated in the first round by LG in 2008, and Byungwook Lim was nominated in the first round by Nexen in 2014. It means that he was a top-notch player in the Seoul area, where the best resources are concentrated. Still, many scouts remember the high school days of the two players.

However, his professional life was not so smooth. Lee Hyung-jong, with multiple injuries, eventually turned to the hitter after twists and turns and managed to make a comeback. He was named in 2008, but as a pitcher, he only appeared in two games in 2010, and then had to wait nearly six years until 2016 before starting a first-team appearance.

Lim Byung-wook is a so-called ‘tool guy’ to the extent that all coaches say, “He has the talent to do 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases, or even more.” Kiwoom also constantly supported Lim Byung-wook and hoped that this talent would explode in the outfield. However, he also suffered from frequent injuries, and there was no season in which he played more than 120 games except for 2018 (134 games). In the meantime, his growth has stagnated or even retreated,

However, as both players have a new environment, there is hope that this year is worth looking forward to. Hyungjong Lee moved the team. There are a lot more and more stable opportunities than LG, where it was not easy to get a chance to play because there are many outstanding outfielders. It is a condition in which you can find peace psychologically. Lim Byung-wook also spent two years in the military and returned with more thoughts and determination. Still, the gap between the top and bottom lines of Kiwoom is not small. Both players have to do their part to erase that weakness.

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