Actress Kim Hye-eun, taking care of ‘teenagers outside the home’ for 14 years… Presidential Commendation

“Children abandoned on their own have no one to stop them, so they deviate, and we provide aid. Then, children who say, ‘I’m going to starve to death’ or ‘I’m going to ruin my life’ come into the youth shelter.”

On the 19th, she met actress Kim Hye-eun (50) at a studio in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. A youth shelter is a space set up for ‘adolescents outside the home (runaway youth)’ who have left home for reasons such as divorce or domestic violence. After meeting children at a youth shelter at an event in 2010, Kim has been steadily volunteering.

He said that he learned life by listening to the stories of children at the youth shelter. Mr. Kim said, “There were numerous children who grew up with fathers and mothers who came home once every fifteen days.” He said, “I continued 토스카지노consulting at the shelter while listening to the children’s hellish stories from the past.”

Mr. Kim even brought a nail art machine with him to get closer with the children at the shelter. Ms. Kim said, “When I touch my hands and listen to the story, I feel like the children are being treated well, so I told them a lot of their inside stories.”

Mr. Kim said, “I can’t forget the two sisters I met at a shelter in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, about seven years ago.” The two sisters said they were sexually assaulted and neglected by their father before coming to the shelter. The younger sister, who escaped to the shelter first, persuaded her sister, who was hesitant, that “there is no one who beats me here, and her teachers take care of all three meals a day,” and stayed together. Mr. Kim met his sister again at a bazaar last year. Ms. Kim said, “I was filled with gratitude and sadness when I heard that a helpless child had become a shelter teacher who embraced him before he knew it.”

Mr. Kim cited ‘depression treatment’ and ‘humanities education’ as the most needed for out-of-home youth staying at the shelter. He said, “The fact that Korea’s suicide rate is the highest among OECD countries is a proof of the sense of deprivation that while Korean culture is constantly developing, mental happiness is regressing.” I need this,” he said.

Actress Kim Hye-eun/ ​​Lee Tae-kyung

Mr. Kim said, “It’s a world where parents can’t take responsibility like parents do.” He said, “We need to raise those who are not protected at home into proper adults,” and “I hope the government will have a youth department.” Mr. Kim said, “Personally, I want to appear in more works that are seen by young people.” This is because you can approach the shelter youth more quickly and friendly.

Mr. Kim received a Presidential Commendation from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family on the 11th for his contribution to helping protected children and adolescents at shelters and taking the lead in raising awareness of underprivileged children. She Kim is also active as a public relations ambassador for ‘Hope Friends Hunger Countermeasures’ and ‘Korea Youth Shelter Council’.

After graduating from the Department of Vocal Music at Seoul National University, Ms. Kim debuted as an actress in 2007 after working as an announcer at MBC in Cheongju and a weather forecaster at MBC News Desk. She appeared in a number of works, including the movie ‘War on Crime’ and the drama ‘Itaewon Class’ and ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’.

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