4 innings, 5 runs Bumgarner, the cause of the sluggish arm pain? “There were no problems”

Madison Bumgarner (33, Arizona Diamondbacks) revealed her position on the condition of her arm.

Coach Tori Lovello explained on the 2nd (local time)카지노, “Bumgarner was examined by a medical team after the game on the 1st due to arm pain.”

Bumgarner started the day before against the Los Angeles Dodgers. From the start of the game, he hit a grand slam from Trace Thompson (32) and gave up 5 points. In the subsequent innings, a scoreless score was recorded, but the Arizona batting line failed to score, and the game ended 10-1.

When the news broke that Bumgarner was experiencing arm pain, some fans were concerned that his “eat-and-run” temperament might be coming out from the beginning of the season. Since the 2020 season when he moved to Arizona, he has not been able to get out of the upper 4 ERA range. He is also criticized by fans for showing that he cannot even digest regular innings for reasons such as injuries from the 2021 season.

Bumgarner said, “It was just a day I had. I didn’t throw the ball well that day, but there was no problem after the first inning.”

Director Rubello also added, “There will be no problem with Bumgarner’s selection.”

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