‘3×3 = Box Star?’ Park Min-soo “Thank you so much”

The icon of 3×3, Inje Park Min-soo. Why did he mention the green light for 3×3?

The ‘KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2023 1st Seoul Tournament’ hosted by the Korea Basketball Association was held on the 16th at the plaza in front of the Seoul Newspaper Building (Seoul Madang).

A total of 63 teams attended the competition스포츠토토. In addition, the number of men’s teams participating in the Korea League increased from 9 last year to 11 this year.

Black Label, Master Wook, JBY SPORTS, and Yangsan Keunai newly joined the league.

The prestigious 3×3 team Sky Down Inje made it to the finals, but lost 11-17 to Hanul Construction and started the season as runner-up.

“It’s a familiar place. There have been league and national team selection matches here in the past,” said Park Min-soo, who came down from the sky.

Park Min-soo is a representative of 3×3. He earned the nickname ‘Box Star’ through YouTube and became known as an icon of 3×3.

Park Min-soo said, “Many people liked and recognized me through YouTube. I am really grateful. I think the increase in men’s league teams is a green light for 3×3. ” said 3×3.

The men’s division of the 1st Seoul Tournament League ended with the victory of Hanul Construction. The second round of the KBA 3×3 KOREA TOUR 2023 will be held on May 13 in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do. Attention is focusing on whether the descendant of the sky will recapture the throne in Home.

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