A court has ruled that it was lawful to discipline a naval officer for having an affair with a subordinate’s wife. The officer argued that the discipline was unfair as the behavior was not related to the performance of his official duties, but it was not accepted. According to a legal report on the 26th, […]

On the 27th, Representative Ha Tae-kyung of the People’s스포츠토토 Power said, “Mr. Byun Chang-ho of the ‘Byun Chang-ho Coin Academy,’ who exposed various irregularities in Coinpan, including the Kim Nam-guk case, is reportedly receiving death threats from several unidentified individuals.” “They had Byun’s phone number, home address, and workplace,” Ha said on Facebook, adding that […]

Amid the controversy over the crew’s response to the incident in which a man in his 30s forced open the emergency door of an Asiana Airlines passenger plane from 200 meters above the ground, it has been revealed that the crew’s quick response could have prevented further damage. According to News 1 on the 28th, […]

In 2014, a resident representative of an apartment complex in Incheon died during a protest. The incident was triggered by the construction company selling apartments that had been unsold for more than two years for less than the selling price. The existing residents protested the move, saying, “I can’t watch my apartment that I paid […]

On May 29, Ms. Kim, 49, from Mapo, Seoul, headed to The Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido with her family to spend some quality time together at a nearby department store after they had planned to go on a long trip for the Golden Week holiday at the end of May but had to cancel due […]

A man was stabbed to death by a weapon wielded by his boss after he went to protest against his boss for harassing his nephew. The Anseong Police Station in Gyeonggi Province is investigating the case by urgently arresting a Chinese national, A, on suspicion of murder스포츠토토. A is suspected of stabbing Mr. B, a […]

Disney’s live-action movie The Little Mermaid, which opened amidst controversy, is receiving mixed reviews. Overseas movie review sites have been criticizing the casting and other aspects of the movie, but how are Korean audiences reacting? Reporter Cha Jung-yoon takes a look. [Reporter]Ariel, the Little Mermaid, has dark skin and long reggae hair. Disney’s live-action film […]

The Jungnang Police Station in Seoul detained Kim Mo, 30, a suspect in the ‘Murder of a Father in Cottonmok-dong’ case. Kim admitted to the crime on the second day of his arrest. According to the Jungnang Police Station in Seoul, Kim confessed to committing the crime that afternoon, saying, “I committed the crime because […]

A Mexican woman in her 20s is garnering attention after she revealed how she reduced her waistline from 15 inches to 11.8 inches by wearing a corset. The woman has reportedly been wearing the corset for years due to a rare ligament-joint condition. Mexican woman Ruth Lujan, 26, recently posted on her TikTok account that […]

Guam has been hit by “super typhoon” Mawar, and it will be at least three more days before flights resume. More than 3,000 South Korean travelers are also stuck on the island, and the damage is growing. Rather than wait for Guam’s airport to be restored, locals are hoping that they will be able to […]