Third Mbappe and Benzema vote score after the 2000s and 2010s ‘Wheep’ ‘Rival’ Ronaldo, Excluding the Best 11Lionel Messi 메이저놀이터 (36, Paris Saint-Germain), who led Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, was last year’s International Football Federation (FIFA) ) was selected as the best player. Messi won the award in the 2000s, 2010s and […]

Roman Quinn (30, Cleveland Guardians), who hit only 8 home runs in his career after making his big league debut in 2016, is hitting home runs one after another in this exhibition game. On the 28th (Korean time), in the 2023 Major League Baseball exhibition game against the Chicago Cubs held at Sloan Park in […]

Leaving behind the past days of crying over injuries, he fired a flare of revival. Samsung Lions submarine pitcher Kim Dae-woo (35) showed flawless pitching. On the 28th, Samsung held a practice game against Lotte at Akama Stadium in Onna Village, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Kim Dae-woo, who took the mound as the starting pitcher that day, threw […]

 In the summer of 2023, many Real Madrid players will come out with freedom. If the contract extension fails, the teams aiming for them may also have a good time. On the 26th (local time), the European football statistics media’Transfermarkt’ highlighted 10 Spanish Primera Liga players who will be released as free agents (FA) in the […]

“A splendid comeback.” The German media reacted in surprise when coach Jürgen Klinsmann (58, Germany), who had a reputation as a world-class striker during his active career, was appointed as the new head coach of the Korean national soccer team. ‘Buld’ reported on the 27th (Korean time), “It’s a splendid comeback,” and “Coach Klinsmann has […]

Kwon Hee-dong, who was on the verge of losing a child as an unsigned player along with pitchers Jeong Chan-heon and Kang Ri-ho, dramatically reached a free agent contract. Lim Seon-nam, general manager of NC NC, said, “I am happy to renew the contract with Kwon Hee-dong, who has been with us since the beginning […]

On the 25th, Lee Jae-sung started the league home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach at the Meva Arena in Mainz, Germany, and scored the opening goal with a header following a quick rush in the 25th minute of the first half. In the 27th minute of the second half when Lee Jae-sung was leading 2-0, he assisted […]

Although it is still one game, the tempo has definitely increased. FC Seoul beat Incheon United 2-1 in the opening game of Hana One Q 2023 K League 1 held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 25th. This is the result thanks to the consecutive goals of Im Sang-hyeop and Kim Joo-sung, who are “transferring […]

 “I think that time will come.” In the end, Choo Shin-soo kept quiet about the controversy. SSG Landers’ Choo Shin-soo returned to Korea, but he delayed the opportunity to explain what he said. On the afternoon of the 26th, SSG finished their first camp in Florida and returned home via Incheon International Airport. SSG leaves for […]

 Lee Jae-seong (Mainz 05) made the difference. He ran all over the ground and led his team to a great victory. Lee Jae-sung started as an attacking midfielder in the 2022-23 German Bundesliga round 22 home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach held at Meba Arena in Mainz, Germany on the 25th (Korean time) and recorded 1 goal […]