2 consecutive LPGA championships were canceled, but… 3 in the top 10

In the fourth LPGA event this year, three of our players made it to the top 10.

Although he missed winning two competitions in a row, he raised expectations for this season by showing the potential of Taegeuk Nangja after a long time.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


Par 5 18th hole, LPGA 2nd year Annalin unfortunately misses the birdie opportunity.

With a par on the final hole, Anna Lynn finished 2 strokes behind the lead with a final total of 18-under 270 at the Drive-On Championship스포츠토토, finishing alone in 4th place.

Since her LPGA debut last year, she hasn’t yet delivered her victory, but she has come back stronger after her fierce self-confidence ahead of her season.

<Annarin / LPGA Player> “I tried to check my basics a little more. During the training period, it seems to have worked out well. It seems to be coming out with good results.”

World No. 3 Ko Jin-young, who shot a resurgence by winning the previous HSBC Women’s World Championship, failed to win two consecutive tournaments, but finished tied for 5th with a final total of 17 under par.

It seems to have completely washed away last year’s sluggishness by continuing the top 10 march in three consecutive competitions.

Rookie Ran Yu, who was a KLPGA Rookie of the Year and challenged to the LPGA, also performed well in his debut match.

On the final day of the tournament, she was content to cut one stroke and moved away from the lead race, but with a final total of 16 under par, she tied for 7th behind her sisters.

News of the victory of Taegeuk Women, who once jointly won 15 wins in one year on the LPGA stage, has recently been rare, and Jin-young Ko’s victory at the beginning of this month was all after Inji Jeon’s major summit in June of last year, so the news of the three players entering the top 10 this season I raised my expectations for it to the fullest.

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