1st place of misfortune→compensation transfer→kt’s golden age hero, new coach Song Young-jin, is dreaming of winning his first championship

Wouldn’t it be a dream for me and kt fans to win? I will try.”

On the 14th, Suwon kt selected head coach Song Young-jin as the man to succeed head coach Seo Dong-cheol. It was judged that he was the protagonist who led kt’s first golden era and the right person to open a new era.

For coach Song, kt is where he spent his golden years in his basketball life. After being nominated by Changwon LG as the 1st overall pick in the 2001 KBL rookie draft, he lived a difficult professional life to the point of being called ‘the first pick of misfortune’.

Coach Song moved to kt as a compensation player for Hyun Joo-yeop, who moved to LG after the 2004-05 season. Chosen by coach Il-seung Choo (current national team coach), he led kt’s heyday by boasting excellent physical condition and BQ. He even earned the title of the smartest player recognized by all coaches. The Taegeuk mark was also obtained at this time, and Coach Song and kt boasted the best compatibility.

After retiring from active duty, his leadership career also began at kt. Of course, the three years with coach Dong-hyun Jo (current coach of Hyundai Mobis) was a dark period, and he had to leave for a while to Yonsei University and Whimoon High School.

Coach Song said in a phone interview with MK Sports, “I always thought that if he could coach, he would like to do it here. He had a desire to become a rumor that a chance might come,” he said. I have never worn a champion ring. This is a team that I love deeply. After spending his first three years as a coach, he was thankfully called back, and he has come to this position. As a manager, I really want to have a ring that I have never worn as a player. Isn’t this the long-cherished wish of kt and the fans? It will take constant effort, but I really want to achieve it.”

kt is a team with solid power enough to be counted as a championship candidate every season. However, there are not a few homework that Director Song needs to solve starting this year. In order to continue the evaluation of the championship candidate, the first thing to do is to make a good contract with Yang Hong-seok, who will become a free agent. Yang Hong-seok is currently popular even before the FA market opens. Rumors are already spreading in the basketball world that local clubs are showing great interest. There are also rumors that other teams will be active in recruiting Yang Hong-seok.

Director Song said, “(Yang) Hong-seok is definitely a unique player. He is a player we must catch. He thinks that the company is also moving. He has to negotiate, of course, and the result must be good, but he is looking forward to it. He is a must-have player,” he emphasized.

What is as important as the contract with Yang Hong-seok is to prove ‘Song Young-jin’s basketball’. Over the past six years, kt has grown as a contender aiming for the championship after overcoming a long dark period with coach Seo. That is why ‘Seo Dong-cheol’s basketball’ is still deeply rooted. Now the time has come to change it to ‘Song Young-jin’s Basketball’.스포츠토토 So, what is his basketball philosophy?

Director Song said, “I want basketball with a lot of movement and a lot of activity without the ball. To do that well, someone has to sacrifice, and in doing so, a synergistic effect is created. In line with the current trend, the defense is basic, but we pursue quick offense and defense conversions and basketball with high probability.”

Another task is to make Ha Yoon-gi a ‘complete body’. Ha Yun-ki, who was clumsy as a rookie, acquired a mid-range jumper in his second season and diversified his scoring technique. He is one of the best big men in the KBL at his current level. However, there are still question marks attached to BQ. In the end, Ha Yoon-gi is another hurdle he must pass to become a greater big man than he is now.

Director Song said, “(Ha) Yoongi’s hardware and balance are very good. He said that in order to become a better player than he is now, he has to move well without the ball. He is a very sincere player. He followed me well in the direction I asked him to go, and because he worked hard, he grew tremendously in a short period of time. He has reached a certain level now that he scores. Now, it is important how to get rid of the concentration check when it comes in. If that is possible, he can become the best in KBL,” he said confidently.

In addition, there are various homework such as the appointment of young players who have not been used much, compatibility with the returning Heo Hoon, and recruitment of foreign players. Ahead of the 2023-24 season, this is something Coach Song needs to solve.

Director Song said, “Since there are many good resources, if I do well, I can become a better team. It may take time and there are many homework assignments, but I will do my best.”

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