1st baseman 21G business trip → 6 errors… But another challenge, plan to strengthen depth

 Jok Pederson (San Francisco Giants), who usually played corner outfield and designated hitter, will once again try to become first baseman.

Pederson is preparing to play first base this spring, and on the 4th (Korean time), he was the starting first baseman in an exhibition game against the Colorado Rockies.

He appeared in 397 career games in left field, 438 in center field, and 111 in right field. First base is also not very unfamiliar. He has a record of 21 appearances in the past.

Pederson’s outfield defense isn’t great, so the Dodgers planned to move to first base in the past, but the plan went awry when he committed six errors in 20 games. After that, he made one more appearance for the Chicago Cubs, but was not selected for a long time.

However, San Francisco and manager Gabe Kapler want Pederson back at first base. Of course, he plans on being a backup first baseman rather than a built-in first baseman.

San Francisco let go of Brandon Belt, who had been the starting first baseman until last year, and Lamonte Wade Jr. is now the starting pitcher. But if he gets injured, only right-handed first basemen like Wilmer Flores and JD Davis will remain. Accordingly, Pederson is being considered as an option for left-handed first baseman.토토사이트

“Pederson is good mentally,” Kapler said. He has a very good understanding of his current condition. He said that playing first base would be a good test for him as well.”

Pederson posted a batting average of 0.274 last season, 23 homers, 70 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.874, showing that there was no problem at all in hitting. It is paying attention to whether he will show a useful appearance by showing good appearance in defense, not playing as a built-in designated hitter.

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